Pot-Loving Mom Beats Up Daughter Who Flushed Her Stash, Tells Cops It’s NBD Because She Can Just Buy More


Vero Beach PD

Parents are supposed to love their kids no matter what. Which can be hard. Children are annoying little brats 92 percent of the time they are awake, and maintaining a level head through all their shenanigans can be fucking impossible.

So I understand when people snap. Like Kyle Mullane.

Mullane just wanted to unwind from the stress of raising an 18-year-old girl by smoking a little dope, only to discover that her daughter, Ashley, had flushed her stash down the toilet.

That’s fucked up. This ain’t heroin, Ashley.

According to an arrest affidavit, Ashley Mullane, 18, last night found the weed on a counter when she went into the kitchen of her family’s Vero Beach home to get a drink.

Mullane told cops that she “believed that it belonged to her mother, Kyle Mullane, so she flushed it down the toilet.”

When Mullane, 46, saw her child disposing of the pot, she got in the teen’s face and “began to yell at her… and calling her names.” After Ashley told her mother to back off and threatened to dial 911, “her mother slapped her in the face,” investigators report.

Which is, and I think you’ll all back me up here, a mother’s right. Sometimes that’s how you gotta discipline an out-of-line twerp, especially one who flushes your marijuana.

I bet Ashley stole it for herself and lied.

Or possibly because Kyle had been to jail before, Ashley was trying to keep her from getting in trouble.

Regardless, Kyle seemed pretty chill about the whole affair , telling the cops it was “no big deal because she would just go out and get more.”

The mom was charged with a felony, due to her previous assault conviction.

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