Kid Has Epic Freakout For The Ages When Brother Taunts Him With His Dead Fish

by 4 years ago

Apparently this young boy’s fish died. Tragic. The kid couldn’t deal with the dire news, so he went to his room. Meanwhile his older brother was instructed to dispose of the newly deceased family pet. But before he did that, he had to of course fuck with his little brother because that’s why he was put on this green Earth.

The older brother was gracious enough to let his brother pay his last respects to the departed fishy. It seems the young brother couldn’t bear to muster one last goodbye and promptly had a complete meltdown. This kid had the freakout of all freakouts. Shrieking and screaming at the top of his lungs.

I definitely thought this was fake based on the crazy over-the-top reaction, but this face of pure, unadulterated fear can not be faked.