Kid Can’t Afford Books So He Reads Junk Mail For Fun, Then His Mailman Did Something Really Awesome

I’m going to be honest, I’m a sucker for a good story about the internet being awesome. I read so much awful crap in a day, these stories make it seem like “alright, the internet isn’t overrun with sick assholes.” Well, it is, but sometimes nice people log on too.

A 12-year-old Utah boy who loves to read got the attention of his mailman because of his choice of reading material. He wasn’t standing by the mailbox waiting for nudie magazine day. He was waiting for junk mail. Actually WAITING for junk mail. Here’s why…

Mathew can also get lost in what most of us consider junk mail. That’s what he was doing when Ron Lynch saw him last week as he delivered mail for the Sandy Post Office in Utah.

“A young man was standing here reading junk mail,” he said. “Asked me if I had any extra.”

Lynch found out Mathew reads newspapers because he doesn’t have any books.

“I asked him about going to the library, and he said he couldn’t afford the bus pass,” Lynch said.

So Mathew’s mailman relayed the sad story on FB and asked friends to send the kid books to read. The mailman figured he get maybe 10-20 books. Nope. The post went viral.

“It’s gone from there,” the mailman said. “I’ve heard from the UK, from Australia, from India.” People have also gone to Mathew’s home to drop off books.

The kid plans to read every single book and donate some to other kids who need reading material.

[via 7Online]

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