I Find This Terror-Stricken Kid Screaming When Her Dad Shaves His Beard To Be Hilarious

Beards are so hot right now. Everybody from Leonardo DiCaprio to Jon Hamm love beards. So when a beard gets shaven it’s a sad event, and for one little girl it’s a traumatic experience that will probably prevent her from dating a clean-shaven man ever in her life. In the middle of playing a fun and innocent game of peek-a-boo this dad shaves his beard. The father reveals his new clean-shaven face to his daughter and she does not take it in stride. In fact she is completely mortified and her emotions range from bewilderment to disturbed to “Holy fuck get me away from this creepy man who is holding me!!!” Hopefully this video gets millions of views and the family receives some YouTube money so they can pay for all the therapy that this girl is going to need throughout her life.