Another Dumbass Kid Got Stuck In A Vending Machine (Video)

Colin Lambert, 18 months-old, is the latest child prodigy to join the club of kids who have gotten themselves stuck inside of one of those claw vending machines.

Of course his grandmother, not surprisingly thought the whole thing was frickin’ hilarious.

“I took a bunch of photos,” Diane O’Neill, 62, told ABC News. “As long as he was okay, it was funny. He thought it was fun, like, ‘Look what I can do. I’m clever.’ He was smiling until he wanted to get out, and then he became unhappy.”

No shit?

“He likes things that go ‘bang’ and climbing. He’s just at that age,” O’Neill, of Long Island, New York, said. “I was listening to the ‘bang bang.’ I personally think he was hitting it with his head then he realized he could get through.”

Firefighters had to be called and in just a few minutes they had him free and a story to tell later that night at home. The kid even got to pick out a toy from the machine because that’s how we reward doing dumb things in America.