‘I’m Gucci, You Polo’ – This Kid Stunts So Hard On His Friend

People say kids these days are valuing all the wrong things, but I just watched this video and I now feel optimistic about where our country is headed. I know some of you might say, “this kid is a materialistic little brat,” but to that I say, materialism is what made this country of ours so great!

You think you come up with Apple or Nike because you’re some complacent Communist? Hell no. People are driven by power and Gucci. You want to show the rest of your neighbors that you are better than them. My goal in life is to buy some huge mansion and wrap the entire exterior in Gucci. I’m a bit of a ways off from that moment, but it keeps me motivated.

I love this fight. It’s a bit long, but you have to respect this kid’s argument style. Regardless of what his friend says, there’s just no arguing with “I’m Gucci, you Polo.” Argument over. Little Biggie wins. Put it in the papers.

This video is begging for an autotune. How has that not been done?

[H/T Worldstar]