Kid Tries To Bully A Defenseless Dog And Gets Pimpslapped By Invisible Forces Of Nature

What kind of jerk sees a puppy locked up behind a glass cage and thinks ‘you know what, I should taunt that adorably defenseless lil guy because I have nothing else to do today’? This kid, that’s who.
And his parents are there, but instead of using this as a teaching opportunity to talk about the dangers of puppy mills and how they rampantly propagate disease among every species of dog the parents thought maybe this would be a better time to bust out that iPhone and film their kid get punked by a dachshund.
Well, I guess it’s a good thing they took out the iPhone instead of using this as a teaching opportunity because that little kid got the business end of nature’s pimp hand. Just what happens when he tries to come at that dog I cannot explain. Perhaps it’s ‘the force’ we know from Star Wars, or maybe that dogs has powers we’ll never know. Likely that kid’s just not able to stand on his own two feet yet. Either way he learned a valuable lesson about taunting creatures in cages.

When I look at this kid trying to torment that dog whose life is already miserable enough, this is all I see:

But thankfully I’ll always have this glorious image burned into my mind:

Is there a secret trap door below that knocks him over?

UPDATE: It only took most of the day but we finally have an ‘Unexpected Thug Life’ remix

[via Trent @ BarstoolSports]