These Kids Did the Ice Bucket Challenge Inside a Walmart

Everybody from your nana to your pet chinchilla named “Taco” are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, so with millions of videos of the viral sensation it’s hard to stand out in the IBC world unless you up the ante. These kids went all in and upped the ante. Apparently these four miscreants were nominated by their own bad decisions to do the Walmart Ice Bucket Challenge. They went into the store and got ice, giant water cooler jugs and of course buckets. Then they went bananas and dropped the buckets in what appears to be the gardening section (If they had any balls they’d do it in the much more traveled Little Debbie aisle). I’m not sure if this raises awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease, but it is quite amusing and it would have been awesome to hear, “Cleanup… Aisle #6” over the loudspeaker.