Is This KO During A Slap-Off Contest The Hardest Smack Of All-Time?

by 5 years ago

To be able to use a part of your body to completely disable another human being is a skill that I do not possess. If you were made of granite and steel it wouldn’t be a big deal, but you have a thin layer of flesh holding in your innards. To make matters worse you have nerves which send pain with the slightest hint of pressure. The hardest thing you have is bone, which can be easily broken.

That’s why I respect UFC fighters so much because they fearlessly go right after each other with no padding and just using fists, legs and god-given talents.

To knock out an opponent with a flying elbow is impressive, but to be able to knock someone unconscious with a slap is extremely rare.

These two gentlemen are engaged in an epic slap-off contest for the ages. The showdown is being held in Lubbock, and of course everything is bigger in Texas, even their slaps.

I’m not sure why anyone would engage in a fight where it is against the rules to defend yourself from danger, but I digress.

The guy who looks like Chumlee from Pawn Stars is quite the showman. After he gets smashed in the face with the opening slap, he takes his medicine like a man. He shows some sportsmanship by clapping and nodding his head in acknowledgement of his opponent’s valiant effort.

Then he composes himself. Does some practice swings like he’s teeing off on the 18th hole at Augusta. Winds up. Lets it fly… KER-FUCKING-PLOW! Knocks this poor fool into next week!

Do you realize how much force you have to generate to knock a grown man out using only the soft palm of your hand?

Who knew Chumlee was such a warrior?