Watching This $4.1 Million Supercar Crash Into A Wall Is Just Like Watching Money Burn

The car is an Koenigsegg Agera R and the driver, Mr. Liu, is physically fine. He’s out $4.1 million dollars but otherwise doing decent.

According to People’s Daily Online, the outlet that originally identified as Mr. Liu as the driver, police have detained Mr. Liu for driving under the influence of alcohol. Chinese media are referring to the incident as the most expensive car crash in Chinese history.

Witnesses report that Mr. Liu never got out to survey the damage. Instead, he remained behind the wheel — covering his face with his clothes — for two hours until a tow truck showed up.

Worse yet, the car reportedly has no plates, indicating the Swedish supercar might not be insured.

I stand corrected. He’s not physically fine because his mind is part of his body and he’s probably losing his damn mind.

Might want to ask Santa for a new car and a decent lawyer.


[via Mashable]