This Bro’s Concoction Of Liquid Cocaine And Orange Kool-Aid Sounds Delicious


Kool Aid

Kids love Kool Aid for the fantastic sugar rush it gives you. But you stop drinking it as you get older because it’s much more fun to get your fix from other things. One Bro in Florida, though, still manages to keeps the childlike fun in his drug abuse. By mixing his cocaine with his Kool-Aid.

Nathan Moore, of St. Petersburg, Florida, was arrested last weekend when he was caught in a park, about to inject himself.

That’s right. He was gonna shoot his cocaine and Kool-Aid into his arm.

When confronted by the patrolman, Moore reportedly admitted to mixing 15 milliliters of liquid cocaine with 25 milliliters of Kool-Aid, adding that he was in the process of injecting the liquid when he was spotted in the park after hours.

Why wouldn’t you just drink that? Like a shot? Because while I know liquid cocaine is okay to put in your body that way, Kool-Aid? That might really mess up your blood. All that sugar straight into a vein? Diabetes City.

Me? I cut my blow with the powdered mix. Now, that’s a nose party.

Oh yea.