Cutie Nurse Busted For Taking Pictures Of Unconscious Patients’ Dicks And Hey, Who Complained?

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Onondaga County District Attorney

Hey, if I get messed up real good in a car wreck, I still wanna feel loved. So if I’m in a coma, and a kinda cutie nurse wants to unbutton my pants and take a little pic, I ain’t gonna hate.

Like, that’s awesome. To be incapacitated, intubated, and a girl still wants to look at your D?

It wasn’t me who complained.

But Kristen Johnson, of upstate New York, surrendered her nurse’s license this week after she’d was busted for taking penis pics of unconscious male patients.

Johnson was arrested in May of 2015, after some of her co-workers complained that they received images of patients’ junk from Johnson.

Okay, sending that to your coworkers is weird. What you do between you and a man in a coma is your business. Don’t bring your friends into it.

She pled guilty in November to “disseminating of unlawful surveillance photos.” As part of the deal to avoid felony charges, she also received three year’s probation.

[Via New York Daily News]

Speaking of needing a dick nurse, though…

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