Ivanka’s In-Laws Are Getting Roasted Over Plans To Build A Skyscraper That Looks Like A Giant Penis

kushner skyscraper giant penis reactions


The company owned by Ivanka Trump’s in-laws, the Kushners, recently shared their plans for a makeover of a building in New York that certainly got the internet’s attention.

Why? Well, because it’s a skyscraper that, uh, looks like a giant dick. (Not to mention the address will reportedly be 666 Fifth Avenue.)

Naturally, as it always does, Twitter, being the haven of all things mature, had thoughts and of course, jokes, lots and lots of jokes.

They might want to reconsider that last tweet, because if they can “keep it up” or else it might end up looking like this proposed “Big Bend” skyscraper that’s also on the way to being built in New York City.

I’ll show myself out.

H/T Huffington Post