Lady Takes A Drink Of Juice And, Barf, Found A Disgusting Creature Roaming Around The Bottom Of The Carton


Mercury Press

I don’t know about you, but, personally, I love me some juice. No, I’m not talking about that expensive hipster juice that has become a trend for some reason, but the good ol’ Ocean Spray shit that we all used to drink while younger.

Refreshing and sweet, it’s just what a guy needs to quench his thirst.

That is, unless something like a giant fucking slug is at the bottom of the container.

That’s what happened to Lorna Fisher over in the U.K. where, upon TAKING A SIP of her juice, discovered the disgusting gastropod floating around inside of the carton, which she described in a Mirror.UK report as, “a slug-like alien.”


Mercury Press

Here’s what else the terrified juice drinker had to say, per Mirror.UK:

“We bought it as part of our weekly shop and sat down to enjoy some juice with breakfast on Saturday. It looked a bit funny when we poured it out but my boyfriend reckoned it was just cloudy because we hadn’t shaken it. Then when we drank it, it was completely horrible. It tasted rancid, like off cider.

Straight away I went and cut the box open and there was this thing that just looked like an alien at the bottom.

It made me feel sick just looking at it, knowing that we’d just drank some. It was well within date too. I won’t be buying that drink again.”

Feeling sick just looking at it? FUCK THAT! That was probably you feeling really sick because you just had some foreign bug’s shit floating around in your stomach, girl!

Moral of the story is this—I’m only sticking to Ocean Spray because they have clear, plastic cartons.

[H/T Mirror.UK]