Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes: Lady Gets Too Close To An Angry Snake And Yup, That’ll Leave A Mark

Hey, at the very least when people ask her why the screen on her iPhone is scratched she’ll have a much better story than ‘I was watching Minecraft tutorials on YouTube when a rowdy youth came up and startled me, and I dropped my phone’. And if there’s any damage on her phone she at least has the video evidence to prove that there was in fact a very pissed off snake that lunged at her for invading the snake’s space, which was a pretty foolish idea to begin with.

Clearly that slithering snake bro wanted nothing to do with her, and it’s a bit sad that the snake had to use his fangs in order to impress his ‘back the fuck off, lady’ message upon her. She should’ve known to just leave that wild animal to go about his business, because that’s what wild animals do. Luckily for her she didn’t try and pull this crap with a venomous snake, and this one was just a surly slitherer with ants in his pants.

Let’s watch that holy shit moment once more, shall we?

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(via r/videos)

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