Does This Lady REALLY Have a Tinder Profile Pic From a Child’s Burial?

She is a “fun, LDS girl who loves country music, country dancing, sports, the outdoors, and my family. If you want to know more, then make the swipe right ;).”

“P.S.: Those are not my kids, they are my awesome nieces and nephews <3”

Cool… Thanks for clearing that up. But what about the fact that it LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE AT A CHILD’S INTERMENT AFTER A FUNERAL!?!?!?!?

Really confused by everything going on in this lady’s Tinder profile pic. Also, is that a Styrofoam cooler?

Please just be a cooler. Please just be a cooler. Please just be a cool, stocked with ice cold 7Ups.

What is going on in this lady’s Tinder profile pic and, more importantly, WHY WOULD YOU EVER USE IT AS YOUR PROFILE PIC?

How did people date 10 years ago without smartphones? Because I want to go back to that…


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