If You Don’t Believe In God, Explain To Me How This Lady Survived Getting Drilled By This Bus In A Cross Walk



See that yellow thing: that is symbolic of 2017. That little feminine looking thing in the crosswalk is me, just abiding by the law, trying to get to my drug dealer’s apartment. This is going to end exactly how you’d expect.

Now before you play this video, here’s a little context: the crash happened this past Friday in Brooklyn, New York and the woman suffered injuries that weren’t considered life-threatening, reports the New York Daily News. My only explanation for how that is possible is that the woman was wrapped up in 100 yards of bubble wrap.

Authorities believe that the driver did not see the woman, but no word on why he drove three quarters of a mile with her being dragged by the undercarriage.

I also feel compelled to include the edge-of-your-seat entertaining back-and-forth between a couple Twitter users who have differing opinions of pre-video warnings.



That turned aggressively antagonistic to a cry for help real quick. Get well, Tom. P.S. Who’s your dealer?

As for the accident, if anyone in the Brooklyn area could help locate the driver, he is currently on the run right now. The only identifying means authorities have at the moment is this GIF.

[protected-iframe id=”0d4f7c61211719066bd887ae1851c56a-97886205-37946113″ info=”//giphy.com/embed/YZjvC9IhLjMLC” width=”480″ height=”263″ frameborder=”0″]


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