I Don’t Understand How This Guy Got Laid Off Tinder By Using A Bunch Of Econ Puns

by 4 years ago



I like to think I’m not a stupid person. I made it through high school without maiming myself, I graduated college with above a 3.0 and I’m employed. I can’t be that stupid, right?

Wrong, because I have NO IDE what the fuck these two boners are talking about. When I said “I don’t understand how this guy got laid’ I literally mean I don’t understand what these words mean. Macros? Game Theory? Audits? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? Tinder is for dick jokes and tits, not intelligent wordplay that us regular Joes can’t understand. Then again the guy did get laid from it…


…so I guess it pays to get a degree in something complicated like Econ rather than dick around with Shakespeare for 4 years like I did.

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