Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Department Posted The Most Aggressive Police Video Of All Time

by 3 years ago

Lake County Sheriffs dept

These cops either want to look like total fuckin’ badasses, or they are all scared to let the drug lords see their actual faces. I am torn on which it actually is. And I can see the argument for both sides. Maybe the pussy of the group — who didn’t want to show his face on camera and risk having his family subsequently murdered by drug dealers — came up with the idea to have tough-looking masks on. All he needed after that initial suggestion was one of his fellow officers to also be a pussy who “got it” or for one to be a fucking renegade who thinks he’s an army of one. That is, and always will be, how I imagine this video came to be.

This could only be made better if the guy talking was wearing a Bane mask and also speaking in Bane’s voice. “Let the games begin!”