This Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Gallardo Sounds Like Two Velociraptors Just Discovered BDSM Sex

This Lamborghini Gallardo was overhauled by Reiter Engineering, remade with carbon fiber to be lighter and faster than any other Lamborghini Gallardo on the market. It’s also been given a massive wing/spoiler to help this best of a machine reach maximum grip on the road. And holy shit, this thing is two wings away from being a spaceship.

Limited to only 10 cars produced at a time, Reiter Engineering might have created the loudest, most intimidating Gallardo ever produced. Just look at this thing in action once more:

via Jalopnik’s Black Flag:

Called the Extenso R-Ex, Reiter Engineering’s racer is based on the Gallardo LP560-4 GT3 FL2 and is limited to ten units, most likely because there aren’t that many GT3 donor cars out there. The R-Ex weighs 2,590 pounds, comes with a wider carbon body, has more power, more downforce and more drama.