Rich Dude With Lamborghini And Zero Fux To Give Gets 7 Parking Tickets, Displays Them All On His Dashboard

If you can afford to purchase and drive a Lamborghini Huracan around town then paying off parking tickets shouldn’t make even the slightest dent in your wallet.

The Gallardo is the best-known model of Lamborghini and they typically retail for around $200,000. Compared to that price tag, a parking ticket’s no more than a gallon of milk or dozen eggs (the Lambo in question here costs around $275,000). That’s why it didn’t reaaalllly bother Ash White, 21, when he accumulated 7 parking tickets.

But instead of paying them outright Ash first fired off a written letter to his town’s parking campaigner (some British position that’s like ‘head of parking’) to bitch about how there is no available parking in Cheltenham. What happened next is kind of hilarious.

Instead of being forced to pay for the parking tickets it was discovered that the person writing Ash White all of the parking citations had fucked up, and all of the tickets were forgiven on a technicality. He wasn’t forced to pay for any of the seven parking tickets, and now Ash drives around town with them printed on his dashboard as one big middle finger to the person who’d written them to him in the first place (presumably because Ash is still angry about the lack of available parking).

Apparently, this 21-year-old is the founder of the Hera London clothing brand. So if you’re wondering how the fuck a 21-year-old can afford a Lamborghini Huracan, there’s your answer: high-end fashion.

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(h/t MetroUK)