California Bro Fights Back When His Landlord Asks Him To Take Down The American Flag

Today is Flag Day, so I want to re-share a tremendous story about a BroBible reader who fought back against his commie landlord when he was asked to take his American flag down. This Bro was told by his homeowner association that the American flag proudly hanging outside his property “messed with the unification of the property” and was asked to take it down. He refused and fired back with some patriotic truth bombs about The Freedom To Display the American Flact Act of 2005.


Bravo to this Bro for standing up to his freedom-hating landlord and HOA. May he be awarded all of the Bro points today. May Betsy Ross cry bald eagle tears of freedom in his honor.

God Bless America, land of the free, home of the brave. Let freedom ring, Bros.

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