A Staggering Number of People Are Using Tinder

It turns out, though, that girls are getting off on the shallowness just as much as dudes. In a New York magazine piece today, women revealed that they're just as “comfortable with the app’s low-commitment objectification as its male users.” 45% of women now make up the user base, a significant percentage for an app that removes from the equation girl stuff like conversation.

And check this out [emphasis mine]:

Before Tinder, hetero dating apps were something of a non-starter. Years after the hookup app Grindr had become fully ensconced in gay life, the online dating industry had yet to counter with a version that would appeal to women. Tinder has quickly surpassed previous efforts — like Blendr or OkCupid Locals — and is now the fastest-growing free dating app in the United States, facilitating more than 2 million matches per day. Of roughly 200 million ratings per day, both men and women swipe left about 70 percent the time, and swipe right about 30 percent. Women are using it, and in roughly the same way as men.


After thousands of years of conflict, Tinder has brought men and women together. Tinder has solved Venus vs. Mars. SALUTE TINDER.

[H/T: NY Mag]