Bored Engineer Builds Largest Privately Owned Reef Fish Tank In America, So Big He Needs SCUBA Tanks To Clean It

Bill Wann lays claim to having built the largest privately owned reef fish tank in North America, and his love for DIY is on a level I’ve never seen before. He’s built a 20,000 gallon artificial reef tank that’s so fast he has to use SCUBA gear to get in there and clean it.

When most people say they prefer to build instead of buy they mean that they’re talking about beer bongs, or potato guns. In general, they’re not talking about building the largest coral reef fish tank in America, the filtration system, the waste remover system, and the fucking router that kickstarted the entire project…All that, and it appears as if he cuts his own hair.

Bill Wann’s clearly in possession of one of the finest engineering brains in the world, and he has the drive to build that matches his intelligence. It’s rare that you see this combination, a person intelligent enough to build incredibly complex systems and machines from scratch AND that same person isn’t lazy as fuck.

In my life, I’ve found that most geniuses are incredibly lazy because they’re also stoners. The correlation between genius and functional stoner is strong, but it appears as if Bill Wann DGAF about sparking up the sticky icky, all he cares about are living reef systems and building cool shit. The world needs more geniuses like Bill Wann.

(h/t reddit/videos via Coolest Thing YouTube)

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