‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ + Larry David As Bernie Sanders = Hilarious ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’

Larry David was the host of this week’s Saturday Night Live so of course he reprised his spot-on impression of Bernie Sanders, but it was set in the cantankerous world of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The world has not been treated to a new episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm since September 11, 2011, and although there was never a finale or was the show canceled, this is probably the last chance to see an incarnation of the hit comedy from the 2000s.

What happens when Larry David’s cranky character from Curb Your Enthusiasm is catapulted into the 2016 presidential race as Bernie Sanders? Awkward and hilarious situations with damning results happen in this very entertaining skit called Bern Your Enthusiasm.

The democratic socialist finds that there’s more difficult problems on the campaign trail other than answering questions about immigration, ISIS and the minimum wage. David’s trademark neuroses cause Bernie Sanders to lose valuable votes because his refusal to shakes hands with germ-ridden fans and popping shoulders of supporters back into place.