Residents Are Hot Under The Collar At Las Vegas Strip Club With Controversial Sign

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You’d think the people who live in a place called “Sin City” would be a little more understanding towards a strip club in Las Vegas. However some residents are fuming mad about new signs outside the Little Darlings Strip Club that reads, “Now auditioning the class of 2015,” and “Pay your way through college.”

“It fits in with Vegas. Vegas is always going to be Vegas,” said Little Darlings manager Rick Marzullo. And with many graduates of high school looking for jobs or in search of money to pay for college, Marzullo contends that he is offering valuable opportunities to young women. “We all know the economy isn’t that great, [and] it’s hard to find jobs sometimes. This is an open door for young women 18 years old and up to come and make some good money,” Marzullo said.

The smut peddler said that girls can make up to $1,000 per night. What the fuck am I doing blogging?

The controversial sign has gotten a lot of attention from the thousands of people who pass by it daily and some have been outraged by the advertisement. “You could completely change the route of a woman’s life, of a woman who’s trying to progress and go to college and make something of herself. I don’t agree with it at all,” Las Vegan Kayla Garninger.

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