Latest Lululemon Fashion Trend Is Only Sexy If You Consider Women Putting Out Their Eyeballs To Be Hot

Which, that’s fine, if that’s your bag. A lot of Bros in the past half-decade have developed a fetish for women in yoga pants, a market/niche that didn’t even exist five¬†years ago. If in 2010, some Bro told you he really liked to look at girls in yoga pants, you’d take a few steps away and say “Okay, perv.”

Now that sort of objectification is mainstream. So maybe Lululemon is just cutting edge.

But sometimes they go too far. And like when they had to recall yoga pants for being too see-through, the company is recalling drawstring hoodies for their inadvertent potential to put out someone’s eyes. From CNN Money:

Lululemon Athletica (LULU) is recalling over 300,000 women’s tops because the hard-tipped drawstrings have whipped some of the wearers in the face, causing injuries.

“When the elastic draw cord with a hard tip in the hood or around the neck area is pulled or caught on something and released, it can snap back, impact the face area and result in injury,” said the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The CSPC said there were “seven reported incidents, resulting in seven injuries to the face and eye.”

Hey, if that’s what gets y’all jazzy, that’s fine by me.