Is This Lax-Playing Wall Street Bro the Biggest Bro In NYC?

by 4 years ago


Posted this over on the BroBible Instagram, figure it’s worth a mention on the site as well. How amazing is this picture of a finance bro getting on the train at the Wall Street station after work with his summer lax league gear??

Chances this guy reads BroBible? This is our brand in a nutshell.

Here’s what the reader who sent this to me had to say:

“Saw this on the way home from work the other day.  Saw the ultimate bro in the flesh.  So many amazing things about this picture. The lax gear.  The fact that he is getting on at Wall.  He’s wearing work attire.  Most bro shit ever.

Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Shirt: $120
Patagonia Fleece Vest (just for in office use): $80
Bonobos Pants: $98
Lunch at Chop’t: $13.95
Afternoon Coffee from Financier: $3.50
Getting out of work right after the market closes to catch the 2/3 at Wall to go play lax with my bros: Priceless
Bro Life.”
Fuck. Yes.

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