The New ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Roster Was Leaked And You’ll Never Guess The Characters Nintendo’s Included


I grew up playing Super Smash Brothers, and even though I have 0 interest in any of the games available on the Wii U I’m totally down to shell out the ~$300 the console costs just to play Smash and the new Hyrule Legends game that’s coming out. But after looking at the roster for the new Smash game…aw who am I kidding? It could be a roster full of Mario clones and I’d still buy the game.

Via Neogaf

Toon Link and Doctor Mario are making comebacks, while Zelda/Sheik are now separate characters (which makes sense, considering Zelda was a useless piece of shit in Melee, with Sheik being the useless one in Brawl). As for new characters, we’ve got Bowser Jr. in his floating car-thing from the Paper Mario series, Xenoblade‘s Shulk, and…the dog from Duck Hunt?

super-smash-bros-leaked-roster-03 super-smash-bros-leaked-roster-02
Via Neogaf

In addition to the leaked pictures, Youtube user Izat True recently uploaded five “leaked videos” from the game.

Whether all of these leaks are true or not is yet to be determined, but assuming that even some of it is valid I’m ready to go grab a Wii U right now.

[H/T Neogaf and Uproxx]

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