The Annual ‘Least Friendly Cities In The World’ Awards Are Out And The U.S. Is Home To 6 Of The Top 10

Remember when we were all growing up and it was commonplace for everyone in America to joke about how the French were the rudest, least hospitable people on the planet? Well, everything’s changed throughout the course of our lifetime and on the annual list of ‘World’s Unfriendliest Cities’ put out by Travel and Leisure the United States has six cities in the top 10.

The least friendly city in all of the United States is New Jersey’s Atlantic City, which ranks as the #2 ‘least friendly city’ in the entire world. Atlantic City is followed by Los Angeles (#5), New York City (#6), Philadelphia (#7), Baltimore (#8), and Las Vegas (#9). As you can see the mid-Atlantic region and Northeastern United States is home to cities with some of the worst people alive (myself included, I am not a good person).

Here are the 15 ‘Least Friendly Cities In The World’ in order, but to see the full rankings and why those cities received such poor scores you can follow that link down below to Travel and Leisure.

The Least Friendly Cities In The World, 2015

15. Boston, Massachusetts (Score: 72.925)
14. Frankfurt, Germany (Score: 71.528)
13. Washington, D.C. (Score: 71.411)
12. Miami, Florida (Score: 70.681)
11. Beijing, China (Score: 70.497)
10. Cannes, France (Score: 69.910)
9. Las Vegas, Nevada (Score: 69.462)
8. Baltimore, Maryland (Score: 69.380)
7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Score: 69.292)
6. New York, New York (Score: 69.129)
5. Los Angeles, California (Score: 68.090)
4. Marseilles, France (Score: 66.316)
3. St. Petersburg, Russia (Score: 65.419)
2. Atlantic City, New Jersey (Score: 61.361)
1. Moscow, Russia (Score: 60.250)

Atlantic City coming in at #2 like:

I guess the thing that I’m most surprised by is that Russia doesn’t occupy every spot in the top 5 (or 10. It’s not unreasonable to assume that with all the sanctions on Russia over the past year or so that tourism there as completely plummeted, so the tourism in all of Russia’s other major cities is likely non-existent at this point, and that’s why they didn’t make the top 15.

And now that we’ve moved past Russian can we recognize for a second how the rest of the world (and even other American travelers) perceives the mid-Atlantic and Northeast cities?!?! They fucking HATE us. I have no solution for how we change this perception, in fact I think it’s in our best interest to hunker down and make things even worse for tourists so that the tourism pressure on our cities loosens up a little bit. Living in NYC for the last ~1/3rd or so of my life and having spent significant amount of time in the other mid-Atlantic and Northeastern cities on this list I just want you bros living in Baltimore, Atlantic City, Philly, Boston, and D.C. to know that I don’t think you bros are unwelcoming at all. I’ve always had a great time in every single one of those cities, and though I’m usually blacked out when traveling I can’t recall a single time I didn’t feel welcome in any of those cities on the list (other than Miami, because Miami is awful and should be ranked #1).

Anyways, to see HOW/WHY these cities made Travel and Leisure’s ‘Least Friendly Cities In The World‘ list FOLLOW THAT LINK and all of your wildest dreams will come true!