Leopard-Sized Bobcat Dragging Live Shark Out Of The Ocean Is Proof That Florida Is Becoming Australia

Australia is home to the most deadly animals of any place on the planet, it is surrounded by water on all sides, and it is home to some of the craziest people (and news stories) in the world. Florida on the other hand fits all of that criteria except that it is surrounded by water on only three of four sides, the rest fits.

Long before ‘Florida Man‘ and ‘WTFlorida‘ became a thing, Australia has been dominating the world news cycle with some of the weirdest stories imaginable. Today I came across a news story from Florida (shout out to David Covucci for passing it along), and I am CONVINCED that with global warming and rising sea levels Florida is slowly becoming Australia. If there wasn’t photographic evidence that this happened I wouldn’t believe it, but an adult bobcat the size of a leopard dragged a live shark out of the Atlantic Ocean right in front of beach combers:

Cat-fishing?!What do you call a wildcat fishing for shark? One mighty brazen bobcat! This is a tale (no insult intended…

Posted by MyFWC on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

This will be the first and only time that I quote the penguins from the movie ‘Madagascar’, but here goes:

“The kitty loves the fishy.”

This lethal bobcat was so into the idea of a fish dinner that it ran its ass into the ocean to drag out a lethal shark. Two apex predators meeting on the sands in a battle to the death. Obviously once the shark left the surf it didn’t stand a chance. Again, if my eyes didn’t see it I wouldn’t believe it.

Here’s the story from Florida’s Local News 10:

A Local 10 viewer sent in the photo he snapped Monday evening while walking in Sebastian Inlet State Park Monday in Vero Beach.

The photographer said he noticed the bobcat staring at a shark in the water that was feeding on a smaller fish. The bobcat then leaped into the ocean, caught the shark and dragged it onto the beach.

Once the bobcat saw the beachgoer, it dropped the four-foot shark and ran into the nearby woods.

What a pussy! It can kill a shark and drag it onto the beach but it can’t even protect its meal?!?! I thought bobcats were supposed to be badasses?!?

I guess there was some initial confusion on whether or not it was a panther or a bobcat, but reports are that it was in fact a bobcat. That animal does carry the distinct spots of a bobcat, though it is very much like a Florida Panther in both shape and size.

UPDATE: After much internal debate I’ve decided that whoever was reporting on this picture was simply wrong, that is a Florida Panther who’s lost some portion of its tail.

This will be the first and only time that I quote the penguins from the movie ‘Madagascar’, but here goes: