Watch Lesbians Take Hilarious Guesses About What Having Straight Sex Is Like

We’ve seen lesbians touch a penis for the first time and gay men touch a vagina as well as some boobs, but what do gay people really think us heterosexuals do when we have sex?

As Mashable points out, lesbian women are often asked how it is that THEY have sex, but do they ever get to ask heterosexuals how they do it? Everyone just assumes that all adults know how straight sex is done. Not true.

So to find out what lesbians know about heterosexual sex they pulled together four women and let them ask some questions and speculate as to how they think it goes, with some hilariously wrong guesses.

Some of the things they wanted to know? Why do so many straight people watch gay porn? And does a man’s beard get stuck on a woman’s pubic hair like Velcro?

That last one is probably something that many of you can actually relate to, I’m betting.

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