Running Back LeSean McCoy Put On Blast For Reportedly Being A Dick To Another Waitress At A Philadelphia Restaurant

It’s been about a year since LeSean McCoy got called out for being a poopy ice cream cone to a burger joint named PYT in Philadelphia, and while people were on McCoy’s side and saying that the restaurant probably gave him shitty service (which they vehemently denied) it looks like PYT’s story is about to get some credibility since yet ANOTHER restaurant has come out to say LeSean McCoy is a total cock.

…or, he’s at least shitty to restaurant wait staff. Take your pick. According to Daily Mail,

Now waitress Ava Graham has accused the former Philadelphia Eagles star of ignoring wait staff at a Chickie’s and Pete’s.

‘He is just so rude,’ Graham told WIP morning show host Angelo Cataldi after McCoy’s visit to Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philadelphia.

‘I’d walk up. I’d stand there for a few minutes because he’d have his beat headphones on. He wouldn’t even look up at me while I stood there waiting for his order.’

She said he even made waitresses crack open the 200lbs running back’s crab claws for him.

While I wouldn’t want some random stranger cracking open my crab claws for me, that doesn’t really sound too bad — entitled sure, but what do you expect? A pat on the back and a long slow-clap after you bring him an appetizer? If you’ve ever worked in the service industry you already know people can be dicks; ain’t nothing surprising here.

[H/T Daily Mail]