Philadelphia Restaurant Calls Out Lesean McCoy For Being a Terrible Tipper, Isn’t Faring Too Well In The Comments

Lesean McCoy treated himself to some food at burger joint PYT in Philadelphia. When the time came to pay the bill, the Philadelphia Eagles running back decided to leave a .20 tip. One need not be a math major to know that’s not quite 20 percent.

The server and restaurant decided to deal with the small gratuity by posting McCoy’s bill to Facebook.

You should not post your patrons’ bills on Facebook. That’s part of the Restaurateurs Code. It’s also part of the Basic Decency Code.

Even if McCoy’s minuscule tip was uncalled for, he’s entitled to the same privacy as anyone else who steps into the restaurant.

The comments on this post are pretty entertaining. Ninety percent of people are calling the place out for shitty service. Surely exactly how PYT expected this to go.