Let’s Look at Some Illustrations of Dinosaurs Fucking

These images by Jose Antonio Penas have been around for a little over a year, but they are making the rounds on the webz today, so we’d be remiss in not sharing them with our followers. Also, dino fucking. There’s so much you can learn.

First up?  Pentaceratops. That’s Latin for whatever this thing below is, which fucks… wait a second.

Whoa. Whoa. Look at Pentaceratops pounding. Pounding hard. You think if the dinobabes have rock-hard skulls, they still like getting their heads pounded against the bedroom wall? Or, uh, nearest rigid fauna?


Next, these fucking guys. Look at these fucking guys. Quite literally. Although more literally would be look at these fucking guy and girl. But whatevs. This is Pelecanimimus, who bones like I imagine my very short friend Sam bones his six-foot-tall girlfriend.

Let’s never speak of Pelecanimimus again.

T-Rex? More like T-Sex.


Maybe it’s the size of the male Kentrosaurus, but this scene below looks extremely… non-consensual. Also, both the male and female had spikes on their backs, as you can see in the photo. Hey Bro, ever heard of a little thing called girl on top? Bet she loves it, and your stomach isn’t punctured multiple times with every thrust.

Stupid dinos.

Did dinosaurs fuck in water? Probably not, but let’s look at this rendering of Sauroposeidon, who is fucking getting it. I’d say “Up top, Bro,” but I don’t think I could reach him.

This was fun. I hope you had fun, too.

[All images via Jose Antonio Penas and lots of thanks to BuzzFeed]