Go To Places Like Hooker, OK And Dickshooter, ID With The Lewdest Town Name In Each Of The 50 States Map

By now, I think we’ve all seen that there is a town in Pennsylvania called “Intercourse.” That name awoke the 5th grader in all of us and brought giggles. But why stop at Intercourse when you can go to Balltown, Comertown and Rough & Ready.

Why go to Blue Ball Village when you can go to Beaver City. Worst comes to worst, you can take a solo trip to Wankers Corner.

Coincidently, Lubers in Colorado is next to Dry Wood in Kansas. It’s also interesting that Cooter, MO is on top of Weiner, AR. Another fun fact is that if you’re going down, Climax, NC comes after Short Pump, VA.

Hey, isn’t your mom the mayor of Swallow Hill?

Who could forget Mel Gibson’s favorite vacation spot of Sugar Tit, South Carolina.

Good to see that Brohard represents in West Virginia.

Estately made a map of the most lewd-sounding towns in all 50 states.

Some states had more than one horny town name.

KENTUCKY: Bald Knob, Beaver Dam, Beaverlick, Bigbone, Broad Bottom, Girdler, Knob Lick, Load, Morehead, Mud Lick, Sugar Tit
MICHIGAN: Climax, Colon, Dick, Felch, Green Bush, Romeo, Sac Bay
OKLAHOMA: Beaver, Bowlegs, Bushyhead, Dripping Springs, Greasy, Hooker, Jumbo, Loving, Olustee, Pump Back

Check them all out on Estately.

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