Here’s The Weirdest Town Name In Each Of The 50 States, Including Ding Dong, TX And Booger Hole, WV

For quite some time now it’s been in vogue to rag on Florida as being the weirdest state in the nation due to the never ending flood of weird news emerging from the Sunshine State. As a native Floridian who was forged in the mosquito-filled swamps of Florida, I find it refreshing that we don’t actually lead the nation in one weird stat: having the weirdest town names in the United States. In a blog post over on the real estate website Estately they’ve collated all of the weirdest town names in America. Below is a map showing the single weirdest name in each state, and below that are some more of the weirdest names you’ll find from sea to shining sea:

Estately actually listed a ton of town names for each state in their blog post, and you can see all of them by following that link down below. In the meantime, here are a few individual state results:

DELAWARE: Airport Villa, Bacon, Blades, Blue Ball, Bunting, Cave Colony, Cocked Hat, Cowgills Corner, Flea Hill, Hoars Addition, Midnight Thicket, Slaughter Beach, Swallow Hill

ARKANSAS: Alligator, Bald Knob, Barber, Biggers, Blue Ball, Boeuf, Bono, De Queen, Delight, Flippin, Goobertown, Greasy Corner, Gum Springs, Hasty, Magazine, Marmaduke, Mist, Monkey Run, Nimrod, Okay, Possum Grape, Romance, Self, Smackover, Stamps, Success, Toad Suck, Waldo, Weiner, Whiskerville, Y City

OKLAHOMA: Bowlegs, Bugtussle, Bushyhead, Corn, Dibble, Dead Women Crossing, Frogville, Greasy, Hooker, Jumbo, Leach, Loving, Okay, Slaughterville

You can CLICK HERE to see the full results for your state over on Estately.

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