Some Guy Got A Vacuum Cleaner Tattoo With His Penis As The Hose And For Some Reason Now Regrets It

by 3 years ago
lewis flint vacuum tattoo


Lewis Flint was just 16-years-old when he got a giant Henry the Hoover tattooed just above his junk. Naturally, he used his penis as the hose for the vacuum cleaner, because that’s just an inspired move right there.

Never mind the fact that legally he was supposed to be 18 to get such a tattoo, he got it anyway.

Oh yeah, the tattoo also involves a black cable which goes around his hip to a socket on his butt. Classy.

At first the tattoo was a big hit. Kind of to be expected since at 16 the crowd he was hanging with would obviously value that sort of humor.

He tells the TV show Bodyshockers, via The Sun

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