Because Life Is Actually A Joke, You Can Now Be Murdered By Your Phone Charger

This is probably the one time in my life I’m okay with the fact that my phone is such a piece of shit that I know it wouldn’t be able to kill me. It’s that useless. As in, it takes over a minute to open text messages useless. On the other side of the spectrum, we have this woman’s phone charger, aka Jason Bourne with a wifi signal.

“Mother-of-two Sheryl Anne Aldeguer was found dead while wearing headphones inside an East Gosford home with burns on her ears and chest after a faulty charger sent a high voltage through her body…

It is believed a dodgy $4.95 phone charger sent a high-voltage electrical pulse into her phone, which transferred to the earphones she had connected to a laptop.”


Not gonna lie, I’d totally shell out for a $4.95 phone charger, even if it came with a label that read “May or may not kill you.” I mean you’re getting what you paid for, right? As in if I got food poisoning from a McDouble I wouldn’t be mad. I paid a fucking DOLLAR for a cheeseburger, what was I expecting? As for this poor woman, there’s a whole investigation being done about the murderous phone charger…

“‘We will ceratinly be further investigating an outlet which we have detected have supplied theses types of non-complaint articles (chargers) with a view to prosecution,’ Mr Stowe said.”

But really, maybe next time you should shell out the extra $3 and not die.