There Are A Lot Of REAL People On LinkedIn With Extremely Unfortunate Names, Like This Man Named DICK MONSTER


LinkedIn, you magnificent bastard, you’ve done it again! (Not entirely sure if LinkedIn ever did something before, but it probably has.)

Earlier today, one of our co-workers who doesn’t work on the editorial side of things — we’ll call him Randy — was perusing LinkedIn when he stumbled upon a man by the name of DICK MONSTER. His birth name is likely Richard, but he goes by Dick, because naturally. (Side Note: Professional chef Richard Blais — pronounced BLAZE — needs to get his goddamn act together and take a page out of Monster’s book. Going by Dick would really elevate his brand.)

After looking at Dick’s profile, it became apparent that he was a real person. Nothing on his profile, other than his spectacle of a name, gives us the impression that this was a gag. Take a look for yourself.




There you have it. It all checks out. Dick Monster is a regular old guy. Doing what he can to make ends meet.

While taking careful stock of Dick’s page, I glanced over at the “People Also Viewed” section. That’s when I realized that there is a whole community of unfortunately and hilariously named people on LinkedIn. Like HAMMER DONG here and the rest of his friends below.




I’m currently in the process of “linking” with all of them. I figure, I’m already linked with hundreds of people I never communicate with on LinkedIn, so why not a few more? Dick Monsters need connections too, you guys.

[H/T Stinky Finger Randy]