Terrifying Video Of A Lion Tamer Getting Mauled To Death By A Lion In Front Of 200 Screaming Onlookers In Egypt

by 2 years ago


What you are about to see is a 35-year-old lion tamer named Shaheen Islam get mauled to death during a presentation for students at Egypt’s Alexandria’s Lion Village.

According to the Sun, Islam reportedly suffered a fractured skull and broken bones in his chest, as well as deep cuts to his face and neck and abdominal bleeding. He was sent to the Andalusian Salam hospital’s intensive care unit but died a few days later.

Islam’s brother claims his fallen brother had worked in the Lion’s village for a decade before a South African turned on him in front of a crowd of 200 terrified onlookers.

Mohammed Mustafa, the circus spokesman, claimed the 440-pound lion was in mating season, causing him to behave ‘erratically.’ I’d say.

You could not pay me enough money to get in a cage with one of those killing machines. Rest in peace to Mr. Islam.

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