All I’m Watching Today Is This Little Boy Having A Colossal Meltdown After Stepping In Dog Shit

By the intense and blood-curdling shrieks by this young boy, I swore that he was being burned at the stake by Melisandre. However, it was something much, much worse. The lad had stepped in a squishy pile of warm dog shit. Wait. It gets worse. He didn’t have shoes on!

The child hilariously screams, “I NEED PAPER TOWELS!” This seems like a gross overreaction from a little person that was shitting his own pants only like three months ago.

He then tells us how he really feels, “I’M NOT SO EXCITED!” Well no shit. Nobody is.

He’s wearing a “You Don’t Know Me” shirt, which he should have to retire after this incident because EVERYONE in a 3 mile radius knows who he is, he’s the boy who had a complete meltdown after he got caca in between his tootsies.

I do enjoy how the culprit, the shitting dog, is just casually catching some rays on the deck.

Wait until life really shits on this kid, when he’s about 42-years-old, has E.D., a mortgage payment that he can’t afford, two teenage daughters who are planning on attending a $100,000 university and dating unscrupulous characters. Oh the screams of horror that will bellow throughout the world when that day comes.