Little Bro’s Interview In The Wake Of The Paris Attacks Proves That Love Will Always Conquer Hate

The events that transpired in Paris on Friday were pure evil. Perpetrated by undeniably evil people, they will forever resonate with infamy and change the course of history as mankind moves forward, grappling with the notions of how and why such calculated hate was unleashed upon countless innocent lives, forever altering them as well.

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, French news broadcaster Le Petit Journal took to the Parisian streets on Monday to interview French citizens for obvious reasons. Among them were this little boy and his father, who the interviewer spoke to in the shadow of a makeshift memorial honoring the 129 people that have died and more than 350 injured.

What happened in this interview is proof that love will always conquer hate. I don’t expect that many of our readers are fluent in French, so the little kid’s touching remarks are transcribed below the video in English, courtesy of the Huffington Post. The interview opens with the reporter questioning the young bro if he understands why terrorists attacked Paris.

“Yes, because they’re very very very mean,” the boy replies. “The bad guys aren’t very nice. And we really have to be careful because we have to change homes.”

His dad coaxes him, saying, “No, don’t worry, we don’t have to change homes. France is our home.”

“But there are bad guys, Daddy!” the boy says.

“Yes, but there are bad guys everywhere,” his father counters.

“They have guns, they can shoot at us because they have guns and are bad,” the boy continues.

“Well, they have guns, but we have flowers,” the father says.

“But flowers don’t do anything,” the boy argues.

“See all the flowers?” his dad asks. “They’re to fight against the guns.”

“Are they there to protect?” the boy asks. “The candles too?”

“There you go,” his dad says. “It’s to not forget those who left us yesterday.”

“The flowers and the candles,” the boy concludes, “they’re there to protect us.”

The reporter jumps back in and asks the boy, “So are you feeling better?”

“Yep,” he says. I’m feeling better.”

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