This Little Kid Gave The Most Weirdly Mature Answer To A Girl Asking ‘Do You Like Me’ And It Makes Me Wanna Barf


Children exist for the sole purpose of amusing old fuddy-duddy adults with their queer hijinks and “unique” way of looking at the world. Just last summer I was wearing a pair of shorts and my 4-year-old cousin asked me what I was wearing, to which I replied “shorts,” which prompted him to sit and ponder life for a moment, then say, “Did you cut your longs?”

Not gonna lie, I laughed; and I never would’ve thought of that on my own. But that’s the beauty of kids! They’ve got no filter and they just spout out whatever pops into their little underdeveloped brains. But you know what’s not fun?

Weirdly mature children.

Who wants to chill with a 5-year-old who’s going on 80? Actually, rephrase: who wants to hang out with someone who’s 80? No one; and yet here we have this kid’s bizarrely mature response to a girl asking him whether he likes her or not. Whoever that girl is should consider herself lucky that she didn’t get a real answer, because it means she has an excuse to run as far away from this kid as possible.



[Via Imgur]