Want To Live Forever? You Can Be Immortalized For Less Than The Cost Of A Cheeseburger



While you might not physically live forever, if you get in on the crowdfunding of this bar in the Australian outback you will be immortalized after a bar, a painting, or a room is named in your honor. The Tatura Hotel in Victoria, Australia isn’t quite finished, and the owners ran out of money to complete the hotel + bar. In order to keep construction going the Tatura Hotel is branding itself as ‘The Internet’s Pub’, and has taken to crowdfunding with the promise that if you donate towards construction you can have items in the pub and hotel named after you. Want a picture of yourself on the wall of the pub for all of eternity? Want an entire hotel room or performance stage to bear your namesake? You can definitely make that happen. That can happen. Want a dining room table made of rich mahogany or a library with many leather-bound books named in your honor? You could probably make that happen.

Last night the Tatura Hotel took to Reddit (the web aggregator known for making ‘creepshots’ famous) with the video above in hopes of reaching their ambitious IndieGoGo goal of $65,000 AUD ($49,812.75 in USD). Thus far they’ve raised $6,650 (at the time of publication), which is a looonnngggg way off of their goal, but they still have 40 days left to meet that goal.

Here’s the backstory from the IndieGoGo campaign on how this all got started:

Why are you doing this?

Well folks, it’s pretty simple. We’ve run out cash and the place needs fixing up so this town can have a decent place to have a pot of beer and a chicken parma. We need to get our guest rooms up to standard, fix the balcony and get some better play equipment for the kids. And that’s just the start.

What’s in it for me?

The more you contribute, the greater the honour. We’ve written a few perks here on the right- but we’re open to suggestions if you want put your name on anything else in the pub.

Naming a piece of our pub is the perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, baby showers, christmas, hanukkah, wakes, funerals, anniversaries, graduation, veterans day, fathers day, mothers day or Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “I love you” like putting her (or his) name on a barstool in a pub in country Victoria.


Biggest party Tatura has ever seen? I’m in. So what if I’ve never even heard of Tatura until now, I’m all about ‘biggest parties ever’ so I’ll happily fly to Australia for an all out rager.

Here’s what the various donations will get you if you so choose to get in on the Tatura Hotel crowdfund and immortalize your name for all of eternity:

$6 AUD: Buy a local a beer. Sponsor a thirsty Tatura local by purchasing them a pot of beer.

$25 AUD: Board of Tatura. We’ll put your name on the Board of Tatura.

$100 AUD: Bar Stool. We’ll put your name on a bar stool.

$100 AUD: Pool Cue. We’ll put your name on a pool cue.

$200 AUD: Bar Mat. We’ll put your name on a bar mat.

$200 AUD: Car Park. We’ll give you your own car park at the pub, with your name on it of course.

$500 AUD: The Men’s Toilet. We’ll name the men’s toilet after you.

$1500 AUD: Hotel Room. We’ll name a Hotel Room after you.

$2000 AUD: Oil Painting. We’ll put a framed oil painting of you up in our dining room.

$2000 AUD: Biggest Fish in Tatura. We’ll put up a framed photo of you catching the biggest fish in Tatura. Photoshopping included!

$2500 AUD: The Stage. We’ll name our outdoor concert stage after you.

Obviously I’ll be dropping $2,000 AUD (1,532.60 USD) to get that framed photo of myself in the bar holding up the biggest fish in all of Tatura, Australia. That or the massive oil painting. I have always wanted an oil painting of myself, this seems like as good a time as any to invest on one, right? Sadly, the chance to have their Chicken Parm dish named after you has already been claimed, as has the chance to have the ‘Front Bar’ bear your name. But there’s plenty of opportunities left!

If any of those perks sound good to you, and you want to become immortal by slapping your name on something in the Tatura Hotel and Pub then you can CLICK HERE to get to the IndieGoGo campaign and make your contribution!

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