There Is A Lizard Man Roaming The Streets Of South Carolina And If This Isn’t A Hoax It’s TERRIFYING

by 3 years ago

Let’s pretend for a minute that Lizard Man isn’t the crock-of-shit hoax that he is. How scary would that be? Hell, I’ll go on record saying that if I spotted a roided up, red-eyed, 7-foot tall lizard while I was going about my day, I would stop what I was doing and immediately dump in my pants. I’d take scare dumps for weeks after the fact, too. My wife would be all like, “did you shit the bed again, Jason?” and I’d be all like, “Yeah, but this time it’s because I was thinking about Lizard Man, so it’s cool, right?”

But it is a hoax. Or at least I think it is. Look at this photo below and try to tell me otherwise. Please do it. I beg you to state your case as to how a lizard could get this horrifyingly jacked. Maybe he finally started hitting the weights with He-Man after all these years.

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