The Screams Of Terror From This Petrifying Llama Attack Will Haunt This Kid Forever

We take you to the Tennessee Safari Park where this horrifying llama “attack” took place.

This dad’s favorite son is definitely the boy in the passenger seat. Not only is the younger son the favorite because he gets to sit up front with mom and dad, but the father could not give one llama shit that his son in the back seat is shrieking with fear. Instead, he ignores him and continues to keep the camera on his favorite son.

Once dad pans to the back to see what all the commotion is about, he realizes that his second favorite son is being “attacked” by a llama. Then the dad bursts into uncontrollable laughter at his son’s pure terror.

Laugh it up now dad, because you’re the one who will be paying for a decade of therapy for your son after this traumatizing and life-scarring event.