Half A Million Dollars Worth Of Live Lobster Spilled Onto The Highway And It Looked Insane

We’ve all seen that joke about how the live lobsters in the Titanic’s kitchen must have thought it was a miracle when the ship sank and they were returned to the ocean. That’s one of those ‘shower thoughts’ that’s made the rounds on the Internet for years. It’s also the first thing I thought about when I saw this story about how over $500,000 worth of lobster was spilled onto the highway after a truck crash.

In total, over 40,000 pounds of live lobster was dumped onto Highway 103 when a truck driver swerved to avoid hitting an animal. Over $500,000 worth of lobster was tucked into wooden crates which splintered and sent live lobsters crawling in every direction around 1 am after the truck overturned. Locals showed up to take some of the undamaged lobster home, which police allowed them to do because it assisted with the cleanup process. The police didn’t encourage the pillaging of live lobster from Highway 103 but they also didn’t stop anyone from taking crates home.

If you’re not into watching the video above you can see pictures of the lobster wreckage HERE and HERE.

Lobsters have tiny ass brains and aren’t capable of complex thought. But, for just one moment, let’s imagine we live in a world where these lobsters are aware of their surroundings and one moment they’re cruising along in a huge fish tank inside of a truck or packed into frozen crates in the pitch black and two seconds later they’re flying through the air, limb over limb, and then they’re crawling around on the asphalt and grass.

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