Two Idiots Were Locked In A Car For 13 HOURS When All They Had To Do Was, You Know, Unlock It

Two people, two grownass adults, accidentally locked themselves in a keyless car and ALMOST DIED after spending 13 hours trying to figure out how to get out of the car…a car that had an unlocking mechanism…inside the car. 13 hours. And they couldn’t figure out how to exit the car. Their names are Mollieanne and Brian Smith because they need to be ridiculed publicly.

When they were freed by neighbours about 7.45am the next day, Mrs. Smith was unconscious and her husband was struggling to breathe. She said they were told by emergency services if they had spent another half hour in the car and they could have died.

Afterwards, Mrs. Smith spent three days in Dunstan Hospital.

Mr. Smith, who considered himself “very methodical”, said he could not find the unlocking mechanism. “Once I found out how simple it was to unlock it I kicked myself that I did not find the way out … I had this mind-set that I did not have the transponder [so I could not get out].”

The car salesperson had made it seem the car would not work without the transponder, he said. He now knew the manual lock was the same as the inside door handle on many other vehicles.

“The manual lock was the same as the inside door handle on many other vehicles.” You think?!

We can’t make this stuff up, people. Stop shaking your head.

H/T Happy Place; Car lock image by Shutterstock