Guy Gets Locked Out Of 4th Of July Party, Tries To Re-Enter Through Chimney; Guess How That Went?

guy stuck chimney 4th july party


So there was this 23 year-old bro in Phoenix (nope, not Florida this time) who was at a 4th of July party over the weekend when his friends thought it would be funny to lock him out of the house.

Funny, huh? Sooo funny.

Well, this guy figured he would get them all back in the best possible way he could think of: by climbing back into the house via the chimney! Smaaart.

Naturally, bro got stuck in the chimney and 911 had to be called to get his dumb ass out. And it didn’t take just one crew of firefighters either, around 30 people had to be called in, because this dude was stuck so damn bad.

Reuters has the detes and quotes…

“I know, bro’. It can’t be fun,” one firefighter tells the man, before knocking away the last bricks and hauling him out by his legs, shirtless and covered in soot.

The man, who was not identified, was in a stable condition after being taken to a local hospital, [Phoenix Fire Department spokesman ​Aaron] Ernsberger said. The incident unfolded in the early hours after a July 4 bash.

“They locked him out, I guess to play a joke on him,” Ernsberger said. “But in his mind he thought he could regain access to the house through the chimney, which turned out to be a really bad idea … He’s very lucky.”

Of course there is video…duh…

Chimney image by Shutterstock